We are each other’s greatest challenge, biggest fans and most importantly the love of each other’s lives. Together for over 12 years, we’ve seen our love transform into many different variations and on May 20, 2016, we’ll start the next wave of our transition as husband and wife. Let the CHURCH say Amen!

I’ll start with my version of the story….

Lee and I became familiar with each other during our Junior High School years in Fort Greene Brooklyn around ’95. I say familiar because we weren’t in the same friends circle, however, we did know that each other existed (that’s really all that matters right?!). It wasn’t until high school and sharing the same train station at Lafayette Avenue, that “Lee and Chanelle” started to form. Our paths crossed again in college at Stony Brook University, where we made it official and the rest is history!

Plain and simple, Lee is my rock. When I get upset, he stays calm, when I feel worried, he says it will be ok. When I’m not sure what to do, he figures it out. Some of the many reasons why I love this man and why I cant wait to marry him.

While Lee works on his version of the story (which you probably won’t hear until the day of the wedding), you can take my version as the whole truth and nothing but the truth! :-)

No matter how the story goes, one thing is for sure; we can’t wait to celebrate with you on May 20th. All we ask is that you show up and turn up with us. It will be a night to remember!!

With Love,

Chanelle & Lee